How to use gamutmap

Gamutmap helps you to quickly see which colours can be displayed in all selected colour spaces. Simply select the colour spaces you need, and then click "Show". After a few seconds, you will see all colours that are available in all selected colour spaces. When hovering over the colour fields, you will see the absolute colorimetric target values for all selected colour spaces, and can copy them directly to your clipboard. It is incredibly easy to compare different colour spaces and find the corresponding colour values in HLC / LAB / RGB / CMYK for your corporate design or other applications.

Gamutmap is built up in the HLC colour space which can represent the CIELAB colour space well and is easily understandable.

72 individual tables show the division of a basic Hue (H = 05 - 360) according to brightness (L = 0 - 100) and Chroma (C = 0 - 125).
In principle, our H-value indicates the angle of the CIELAB colour circle we are at.

It's as easy as that

Choose your colour space (you can choose more than one) click on "Show" and you will be shown the colours that can be displayed in your chosen colour spaces. After each new selection and deselection of colour spaces, "Show" must be applied again. You can find the corresponding colour values by hovering over the colour. Here you can also copy the values easily to your clipboard.

Gamutmap colour tones are displayed in the sRGB colour space for internet display. Since this colour space does not include all Gamutmap LAB colours, the colours are clipped at the edges. After a certain chroma, the colours remain identical due to the limited sRGB colour gamut for internet display reasons.        

For a better display of the colours it is recommended you download the FreeColour CIELAB HLC Colour Atlas XL. The colours in the PDF Colour Atlas are displayed in LAB when using Acrobat Pro. The download of the Colour Atlas including a layer PDF with different colour spaces, instructions, colour value tables and spectral data of all colour fields in CxF is completely free of charge. A ring binder version of the Colour Atlas for precise colour matching of physical samples can be ordered in our Proof Shop.

freeColour (freieFarbe) CIELAB HLC Colour Atlas XL:
The components in detail:

The ring binder versions produced in highly accurate proof printing can be ordered from proof GmbH, CCVision and grafipress. State-of-the-art inkjet technology reproduced all colours in the measured master copy with an accuracy of DeltaE00<1 (average DeltaE00=0.5) – a printing accuracy that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

The HLC Colour Atlas is produced by us on an Epson SC-P9000V Spectro printer with high effort for quality optimisation. This printing system is mainly used for contract proofing, fine art printing and art reproduction proofing. Thanks to the additional colours orange, green and violet, highly saturated colours can also be produced. To further increase colour accuracy, interactive iterative optimisations are carried out on the software side. In this way we achieve a mean DeltaE2000 of 0.8, most colour fields even a DeltaE2000 of smaller than 0.3. The achieved colour accuracy was not yet feasible a few years ago.

You can order the HLC Colour Atlas in the Online-Shop of Proof GmbH. The price is 149 Euros or 399 Euros for the XL version plus VAT and shipping.

There is a Video in German showing the application of gamutmap on youtube: